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DeFENS Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Service (FACS-service) aims to organize and manage the use of the advanced instrumentation for the study of complex biological and microbiological systems by FACS-based approaches. The service is available for the DeFENS research staff and for external users. The service is provided in the Flow Cytometry Laboratory, which is located in the University of Milan, Department of Food, Environmental and Nutritional Sciences (DeFENS) on the 3rd floor (Lab. 3057) of the building 21500 (via L. Mangiagalli 25, Milan). The manager of the FACS-service is the Director of DeFENS, the delegated scientific manager of the FACS-service is prof. Diego Mora (diego.mora@unimi.it). The FACS-service is based on the following instrumentation: BD AccuriTM C6 Plus Flow Cytometer and BD FACSJazzTM Cell Sorter under the management of dr.ssa Stefania Arioli (stefania.arioli@unimi.it) and dr.ssa Milda Stuknytė (milda.stuknyte@unimi.it).

The assistance of trained flow cytometer and cell sorter operators is needed for all FACS-service applications.

Our lab is strictly BSL1. At present time, no unfixed/non-inactivated/non-decontaminated BSL2 level material (including human samples) is allowed to be analyzed at any time. The safety of personnel, frequenters and users is of ultimate concern. Information about the sample sources and potentially infectious agents is critical for effective biosafety measures. Therefore, completely filled out and signed “FACS-service Sort Request Form and Biosafety Questionnaire” must be provided to the FACS-service before projects or experiments are started.

1.Instrument configurations
2.Cell sorting guidelines: planning a cell sorting experiment
3.Cell sorting FAQ
4.FACS-Service Sort Request Form and Biosafety Questionnaire
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