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Research topics  

Research activities address major national and international projects co-financed by the Ministry for the University and Research, the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, the Ministry of Health and the EU, and also in cooperation with private companies and Local Authorities. The main topics addressed include:

  • Traditional and innovative food transformation and conservation processes
  • New food products and food ingredients
  • Innovative methods for characterization of the chemical and physical properties of food
  • Innovative products and processes for food packaging
  • Food nanotechnologies
  • Microbiology and microbial biotechnologies applied to food
  • Fermentations and bio-transformations in the food and energy sectors
  • Intestinal microbial ecosystem
  • Microbial ecology and biotechnology control for agriculture and the environment
  • Management of food quality, safety, genuineness and typicity
  • Bioactive compounds of food and role in diet in promoting health and preventing diseases
  • Sensorial evaluation of new and traditional products and instrumental analyses of sensory perceptions
  • Microbial biotechnologies applied to the preservation of cultural assets
  • Development and characterization of modified electrodes for food and pharmacological analysis.
  • Development of statistical techniques for quality assurance of analytical data.
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