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Science and Technology of Agro-Environmental Systems  

Science and Technology of Agro-Environmental Systems


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Researches are focused on basic and applied aspects in the field of agriculture and environmental microbiology, and related microbial biotechnologies, general and agriculture entomology, plant pathology, zoology and some specific agro-environmental aspects concerning animal farming  and landscape planning, rural heritage management in its tangible and intangible cultural values.

We have established stable and fruitful collaborations with prestigious research universities around the world as well as international and national agroindustrial and agrofood companies, fostering the development  of multidisciplinary basic and applied researches.
Professors and researchers teach in many courses within the college of Agriculture and Food Science and in other inter-colleges courses; they are part of the PhD school in Food Systems. Many collaborations are set with public institutions, national and international societies, professional organizations and scientific societies.


Prof. Matias Pasquali

Faculty Staff
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Stella AGOSTINIRCstella.agostini@unimi.it
Sara BORINPAsara.borin@unimi.it
Lucia CAVALCAPAlucia.cavalca@unimi.it
Francesca CAPPITELLIPAfrancesca.cappitelli@unimi.it
Mario COLOMBOPAmario.colombo@unimi.it
Paolo CORTESIPOpaolo.cortesi@unimi.it
Michele CORTIPAmichele.corti@unimi.it
Elena Sara CROTTIRTD Aelena.crotti@unimi.it
Daniele DAFFONCHIOPOdaniele.daffonchio@unimi.it
Lidia LIMONTAPAlidia.limonta@unimi.it
Daria LOCATELLI POdaria.locatelli@unimi.it
Mariagiovanna LEONARDIRCgiovanna.leonardi@unimi.it
Daniela LUPI RCdaniela.lupi@unimi.it
Ivo RIGAMONTIPAivo.rigamonti@unimi.it
Bruno ROSSAROPAbruno.rossaro@unimi.it
Marco SARACCHIPAmarco.saracchi@unimi.it
Sara SAVOLDELLI RCsara.savoldelli@unimi.it
Raffaella ZANCHIRCraffaella.zanchi@unimi.it
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