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Human nutrition  

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The research carried out in the Section is aimed at understanding the role of diet, nutrition and lifestyle in promoting health. This is pursued by determining the nutritional characteristics of foods and food formulations, evaluating the bioavailability of the active ingredients and studying their functions in the body. The collaboration with prestigious national and international research institutions and industries in the agri-food sector favors the development of multidisciplinary research with high applicative value. The professors of the Section carry out teaching activities in degree courses that are part of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and of Medicine and Surgery, are part of the teaching staff of the PhDs in Sciences for food systems in Nutrition Sciences and collaborate with institutions public bodies, professional organizations and scientific societies for training and nutritional education activities.

Section manager: Simona Bertoli

Section staff

Alberto BATTEZZATIAlberto.Battezzati@Unimi.It
Simona BERTOLISimona.Bertoli@Unimi.It
M.Cristina CASIRAGHIMaria.Casiraghi@Unimi.It
Cristian DEL BO'Cristian.Delbo@Unimi.It
Daniela ERBADaniela.Erba@Unimi.It
Andrea FOPPIANIAndrea.Foppiani@Unimi.It
Alessandro LEONEAlessandro.Leone@Unimi.It
Daniela MARTINIDaniela.Martini@Unimi.It
Marisa PORRINIMarisa.Porrini@Unimi.It
Patrizia RISOPatrizia.Riso@Unimi.It
Paolo SIMONETTIPaolo.Simonetti@Unimi.It
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