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Food Science and Technology  

Food Science and Technology


logo sezione tecnologie alimentariThe most relevant topics covered within the Division include: established and innovative processing approaches and preservation strategies of foods; design and development of new foods and food ingredients; new food packaging materials and processes. Researchers belonging to the Division deal with aspects related to the quality, safety, authenticity of foods; traditional and typical foods; new procedures to assess the physicochemical, rheological, safety, and sensory attributes of food matrices and consumers’ preference. Some of the supply chains involved in the research activity of the Division include the dairy and winery industries, cereal products and their transformation, bakery, fats, meat, egg products, fresh and processed fruits and vegetables. The faculty staff of the Division, which belongs to the scientific disciplinary sector AGR/15 (Food Science and Technology), is strongly committed to both educational and teaching activities, as well as to set partnerships with Companies.


Prof. Mara Lucisano

Faculty Staff


Cristina ALAMPRESERCcristina.alamprese@unimi.it
Oreste Vittore BRENNAPAoreste.brenna@unimi.it
Ernestina CASIRAGHIPOernestina.casiraghi@unimi.it
Stefano CATTANEORCstefano.cattaneo@unimi.it
Ivano DE NONIPAivano.denoni@unimi.it
Stefano FARRISRTDstefano.farris@unimi.it
Gabriella GIOVANELLIPAgabriella.giovanelli@unimi.it
Alyssa HIDALGO VIDALPAalyssa.hidalgovidal@unimi.it
Johannes HOGENBOOMRCjohn.hogenboom@unimi.it
Vera LAVELLIPAvera.lavelli@unimi.it
Monica LAUREATIRTDmonica.laureati@unimi.it
Sara LIMBORCsara.limbo@unimi.it
Mara LUCISANOPOmara.lucisano@unimi.it
Manuela MARIOTTIRCmanuela.mariotti@unimi.it
Fabio MASOTTIRCfabio.masotti@unimi.it
M. Ambrogina PAGANIPOambrogina.pagani@unimi.it
Ella PAGLIARINIPOella.pagliarini@unimi.it
M. Luisa PELLEGRINOPOluisa.pellegrino@unimi.it
Laura PIAZZAPAlaura.piazza@unimi.it
Luciano PIERGIOVANNIPOluciano.piergiovanni@unimi.it
Antonio TIRELLIPAantonio.tirelli@unimi.it
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