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Food microbiology and bioprocesses  


The Section research activities are directed towards various aspects of basic and applied microbiology and microbial biotechnology, with particular regard to the role of microorganisms in the food supply chains and in the human gastro-intestinal system and to the optimization and innovation in industrial biotransformation processes. The skills developed in the Section are related to the evaluation and exploitation of the genetic and functional biodiversity of microorganisms of food, probiotic and industrial interest, to the study of genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics in bacteria and yeasts. The methodological approach, depending on the intended objective, varies from the application of cultural techniques and phenotype determination to the development of molecular protocols for the study of microbial populations, or of specific phenomena of interaction between cells, or of intracellular mechanisms, to the application of metagenomics for the study of complex microbial communities.

Section managerManuela Rollini

Section staff

Stefania ARIOLI stefania.arioli@unimi.it
Concetta COMPAGNO concetta.compagno@unimi.it
M.Grazia FORTINA grazia.fortina@unimi.it
Roberto FOSCHINO roberto.foschino@unimi.it
Simone GUGLIELMETTI simone.guglielmetti@unimi.it
Francesco MOLINARI francesco.molinari@unimi.it
Diego MORA diego.mora@unimi.it
Claudia PICOZZI claudia.picozzi@unimi.it
Manuela ROLLINI manuela.rollini@unimi.it
Diego ROMANO diego.romano@unimi.it
Valentina TAVERNITI valentina.taverniti@unimi.it
Ileana VIGENTINI ileana.vigentini@unimi.it
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