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Agro-environmental section systems and equipment:

  • Systems cultivation of anaerobic and aerobic microorganisms and for high-throughput cultivation (automated liquid handler and microplate reader/incubator);
  • Microscopies (bright field, fluorescence and scanning electron microscope¬† with image analysis);
  • Qualitative and quantitative PCR;
  • Molecular typing of bacterial populations and fungi (ITS 16S-23S, BOX-PCR, ARDRA, tRNA-PCR fingerprinting, rep-PCR fingerprinting);
  • Bio-informatics platform (which includes the study of prokaryotic genomes and 16S rRNA barcoding);
  • Inductively coupled mass spectrometry (ICP-MS);
  • Biofilm reactors;
  • Growth chambers for plants, fungi, bacteria and insects;
  • Light filth method laboratory;
  • Equipment for efficacy evaluation of fungicides, synthetic and natural or produced by microorganisms.
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