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Human Nutrition  

Human Nutrition


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The research is devoted to the comprehension of the role of foods, nutrition and life style in the promotion of human health. This is achieved through the evaluation of the nutritional quality of foods and food recipes, the study of the bioavailability of the bioactive compounds and their role in the modulation of several functions in the body.

The Division of Human Nutrition cooperates with prestigious national and international research Centers and Food industries by promoting the development of high-quality multidisciplinary researches.

Professors and Researchers carry out teaching at different Bachelor and Master degree courses at the Faculty of Food and Agriculture, and at the Faculty of Medicine; they are members of the PhD courses in Food System and Human Nutrition. Moreover, they have collaborations with public agencies, professional organizations and scientific societies for the promotion of training and nutrition education.


Prof. Paolo Simonetti

Faculty Staff


Lucia BALDIPAlucia.baldi@unimi.it 
Alberto BATTEZZATIPAalberto.battezzati@unimi.It
Simona BERTOLIRCsimona.bertoli@unimi.it
M.Cristina CASIRAGHIRCmaria.casiraghi@unimi.it
Salvatore CIAPPELLANOPAsalvatore.ciappellano@unimi.it
Daniela ERBARCdaniela.erba@unimi.it
Marisa PORRINIPOmarisa.porrini@unimi.it
Patrizia RISOPApatrizia.riso@unimi.it
Paolo SIMONETTIPApaolo.simonetti@unimi.it
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