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Food Microbiology and Bioprocesses  

Food Microbiology and Bioprocesses




The research activities of the Division are directed towards different aspects of basic and applied microbiology and microbial biotechnology, by focusing on the role of microorganisms in food chains and human gut, and the process optimization and innovation in the industrial biotransformation.

The skills are related to the evaluation and exploitation of genetic and functional biodiversity of microorganisms in foods, probiotics and industries, to the study of genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics in bacteria and yeast. The methodological approach, depending on the expected aim, varies from the application of cultural techniques and phenotype determination, to the development of molecular protocols for the study of microbial populations, or specific phenomena of interaction between cells, or intracellular mechanisms, to the application of metagenomics for the study of complex microbial communities. 




Prof. Roberto Foschino

Faculty staff
Concetta COMPAGNOPAconcetta.compagno@unimi.it
M.Grazia FORTINAPOgrazia.fortina@unimi.it
Roberto FOSCHINOPAroberto.foschino@unimi.it
Laura FRANZETTIRClaura.franzetti@unimi.it
Simone GUGLIELMETTIPAsimone.guglielmetti@unimi.it
Francesco MOLINARIPOfrancesco.molinari@unimi.it
Diego MORAPAdiego.mora@unimi.it
Claudia PICOZZIRCclaudia.picozzi@unimi.it
Manuela ROLLINIRCmanuela.rollini@unimi.it
Diego ROMANORCdiego.romano@unimi.it
Ileana VigentiniRTDileana.vigentini@unimi.it

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