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Chemical and Biomolecular Sciences  

Chemical and Biomolecular Sciences


Logo SezioneResearch activities relate to the acquisition of new knowledge - including the development of new methodological approaches - in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, and analytical chemistry, with a focus on the agro-food systems. Established and novel approaches are being developed, refined, and used to define:  - the structural modifications of biopolymers of relevance to their functional role, also in complex matrices; - the isolation, synthesis, and characterization of functional bioactive compounds; -the  application and validation of advanced techniques (calorimetric, thermogravimetric, electrochemical, and instrumental sensory analysis, in addition to methods that rely on spectroscopic and separation techniques and to biological measurements) in complex systems. The overall activity is aimed to improve a molecular-level understanding of various events relevant to the areas of interest, that have often been approached only from a phenomenological or descriptive standpoint.


Prof.ssa Stefania IAMETTI

Faculty Staff
Angela BASSOLIAssociate Professor


Alberto BARBIROLIAssociate Professor


M.Cristina BELLUCCIAssociate Professor


Francesco BONOMIFull Professor


Susanna BURATTIAssistant Professor


Barbara BRUNETTIAssistant Professor


Gigliola BORGONOVOAssistant Professorgigliola.borgonovo@unimi.it
M. Stella COSIOAssistant Professorstella.cosio@unimi.it
Sabrina DALLAVALLEAssistant Professorsabrina.dallavalle@unimi.it
Elio DISIMONIFull Professorelio.desimoni@unimi.it
Marcello DURANTIFull Professormarcello.duranti@unimi.it
Dimitrios FESSASAssistant Professordimitrios.fessas@unimi.it
Fabio FORLANIAssistant Professorfabio.forlani@unimi.it
Stefania IAMETTIAssistant Professorstefania.iametti@unimi.it
Chiara MAGNIAssistant Professorchiara.magni@unimi.it
Stefania MAZZINIAssistant Professorstefania.mazzini@unimi.it
Laona MUSSOAssistant Professorloana.musso@unimi.it
Leonardo SCAGLIONIAssistant Professorleonardo.scaglioni@unimi.it
Alessio SCARAFONIAssistant Professoralessio.scarafoni@unimi.it
Enzio RAGGFull Professorenzio.ragg@unimi.it
Alberto SCHIRALDIFull Professoralberto.schiraldi@unimi.it
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