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UniversityLab: a winning combination of universities and the confectionery industry

group of teachers and students

UniversityLab is the teaching and training project that, for several months, has seen the State University of Milan work closely with the Opessi company and the applied research laboratories of important companies in the food sector.

The 16 students of the Master Degree Course in Food Science and Technology of the University of Milan, selected for the second edition of the Opessi UniversityLab Path of Excellence, didn't stop even in front of the pandemic, carrying out tests - even homemade - to get the right recipe, researching raw materials and working on tastes and textures. This work also involved the first shelf life checks, a fundamental aspect for the complete study of an industrial product.

Led by the Opessi Team and by Dr. Carola Cappa, professor of the Degree Course in Food Science and Technology, the purpose for these young taste experimenters was to design and create sweet or savory snacks by recombining raw materials, not traditionally present on the market, with legumes of high nutritional value, recalling the italian character of products or tastes and always respecting the criteria of eco-sustainability.

In this way they were born: Tritak, a hazelnut biscuit, chestnut honey and quinoa filled with tomato cream, cheese and speck cream, cocoa cream and coffee; Morbicrock, a mini-bar with an overwhelming pistachio flavor, characterized by a contrasting texture that is crunchy inside and soft in the coating; Cheese to go, unique double salty waffle, with a cheese filling in three flavors (spinach, walnuts and tomato and basil); LeGusto, dark chocolate praline with toasted chickpea cream and lentils and toasted lentil inclusions.

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07 July 2021
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