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Prof. Roberto Foschino is the winner of a project

Prof. Roberto Foschino

Prof. Roberto Foschino is the winner of a research project entitled " Fermentation-induced valorization of side stream blends from oilseed and dairy Industry (FERBLEND)" within the ERANET call "SusFood / Core Organic Joint Call 2019: Towards sustainable and organic food systems ".


This project addresses the valorization of two side streams from organic oilseed processing and dairy industry through fermentation and creating platform products with improved technological and nutritional functionality. Food production chain sustainability, which refers to waste reduction and the exploration of innovative ways to increase resource efficiency, is of increasing importance. Especially small and medium sized organic seed oil producers and dairy companies are challenged by adequate handling and downstream processing of their side streams. By combining two side streams, circularity of the processes will be strengthened, and the strategies developed in this project can be exploited by different actors in the food supply chain. Pre- and post-treatment of the raw materials and fermented blends will reduce antinutritional compounds, increase fermentability and ensure ideal sensory quality. Processing methodologies thereby will pay attention to the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, for the creation of more climate friendly food platforms.

Fermentation of the two side streams will be the key step to obtain safe and suitable foods through microbial enzymatic activities that will improve sensory quality and nutritional value, maintaining process sustainability. Furthermore, we will look at the utilization potential of the fermented products, to obtain a series of solutions that are appealing to various end users, from beverage producers to bakeries and snack applications. We expect a substantial increase of knowledge concerning processing and fermentation of blends of oilseed press cakes and whey resulting in tailored food products.

Within the Department, the research team is composed of prof. Ivano De Noni, dr. Claudia Picozzi and prof. Ileana Vigentini.



Technische Universität Dresden (Leader), prof. Harald Rohm;
Aarhus University, prof. Milena Corredig;
Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, prof. Anna Michalska.



Efficient, circular and zero waste food systems.


Technological maturity level (TRL = 5):

Technology validated in an industrially relevant environment.

17 July 2020
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