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The 5th International Meeting on Material/Bioproduct Interaction (MATBIM 2019) will take place in Milan from May 8 to 10, 2019, at the historical Ca’ Granda main campus of the University of Milan.
This meeting will run under the heading “Bridging the gap between Academia and Industry”. Therefore, it is our aim to cover fundamental aspects of food and bioproduct packaging materials to boost the technological transfer to the industrial field, specifically focusing on three main themes:

-       Mass transfer and food/bioproduct - material interactions

-       New trends toward environmentally friendly materials

-       New materials through nanotechnology routes

Alike the previous four editions (Paris, Dijon, Zaragoza and Porto), MATBIM 2019 will provide a platform to bring together researchers from academia and industry, as well as students, practitioners, and experts in the field to share new ideas and contribute the latest findings related to the packaging materials science and technology.

With approximately 100 attendees, MATBIM 2019 represents an important showcase for our University and the research activities carried out at the Department of Food, Environmental and Nutritional Sciences (DeFENS) in the area of packaging materials.

More info at: https://matbim2019.unimi.it/



Stefano Farris (conference chair)

Department of Food, Environmental and Nutritional Sciences (DeFENS)



10 May 2019
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